The Power of Programmatic Advertising: How Effective Is It?

Programmatic advertising is a highly effective way to increase brand awareness among high-volume audiences. It is the process of buying and selling digital advertising space automatically, simplifying the ordering, configuration, and reporting of advertisements. This has made it more efficient and cost-effective, as any format and channel can be accessed programmatically. Thanks to the platforms that have created their ad inventory and database, programmatic media usually cost a fraction of the cost of a direct or manual purchase.

This allows for unparalleled segmentation capabilities, as you can target your ads with programmatic advertising to achieve greater accuracy and results. Programmatic advertising exists on a wide range of digital channels, including screen, mobile, video, and social media channels. Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is the first real example of programmatic advertising, as it provides complete user profiles to advertisers so that the data can be used in a programmatic algorithm to find the visitors most likely to become the best advertisement. Technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence are also having an impact on programmatic marketing.

The variety of creative formats available for programmatic ads is an attractive advantage for marketers, as it expands audience reach. There are several types of programmatic advertising platforms that each do different things and are aimed at different audiences. Programmatic advertising combines technological advances and human knowledge and experience to facilitate the purchase, placement, and optimization of advertisements. Since programming takes advantage of algorithms to buy ads, communication involving manual and direct purchasing is dramatically reduced with minimal effort.

The wide reach of programmatic digital advertising drives an impressive omnichannel presence or the ability to appear in multiple advertising channels simultaneously.

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