What types of viewability options are available for programmatic campaigns?

Ad visibility is the concept of the visibility of ads on a website or mobile application for users. For an ad to be considered “viewed”, at least 50% of the banner or creative must be displayed on screen for more than one second, as defined in the Office of Internet Advertising (IAB) standard for what is considered a visible impression.

If you've ever used AdWords or any other advertising network, you'll easily understand what programmatic RTB means.

Just as AdWords calculates bids in real time for all advertisers, the same goes for programmatic RTB. What if you want to buy advertising space for a week or to get 10,000 impressions on a very relevant website? You can't do that with GDN and programmatic RTB.

Just because your competitor created a programmatic RTB campaign doesn't mean that you should also invest money in a campaign. You shouldn't invest in programmatic advertising just to follow the crowd. When Nestlé launched its programmatic campaign, its main objective was to maximize the sale of its coffee machines, and the secondary objective was to reach a new audience. More than 91% of the ads were aimed at new visitors.

Cardinal Digital Marketing 5342 Peachtree Road Suite A Atlanta, GA 30341. DSPs are complex and expensive software; you may want to contact an agency that has access to a DSP and is an expert in programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising gives you access to a massive inventory of ad networks, publishers, and ad exchanges. For programmatic advertisers who prioritize visibility metrics as a fundamental campaign KPI, Gourmet Ads offers two visibility solutions for advertisers (depending on their DSP). If you've done programmatic advertising before, a DSP can get started right away and can often avoid the need for an agency.

Finding the sweet spot is essential to get the most out of your budget and achieve the greatest possible reach at the lowest cost per visible print. Statistics show that brands, both small and large, are actively engaged in programmatic advertising on various channels. Once you do, the next step is to set goals and decide what you want to achieve with a programmatic advertising campaign. There are two aspects: the first is the real definition of what “In-View” means and the other aspect is the technology or measurement of visible printing.

Let the Gourmet Ads team explain all the options available to you to ensure that your advertising campaign in the food, supermarket, beverage or kitchen sector has the best possible combination of premium guaranteed inventory, scale, first-hand data, contextual segmentation and programmatic advertising elements. Gourmet Ads offers brand advertisers and their advertising agencies a range of programmatic advertising solutions, as well as managed services. There are several different methods of ad segmentation available when you're designing a programmatic advertising campaign.

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