Is seo is a good career?

SEO can be a great career, especially if you're insatiably curious about how the world, culture and, in particular, the Internet work. Here are 10 popular positions and career paths for new and experienced professionals looking to take the next step in their SEO careers. Local SEO specialists optimize websites for local searches, helping businesses attract nearby customers. They manage local appointments, Google My Business profiles and ensure the consistency of NAP data (name, address and phone number).

In other words, when you hear that SEO is dead and that everything is now focused on social media marketing, blogs, or good content, that's part of what SEOs have found that works well in practical searches. A basic SEO job would focus on the most fundamental or basic aspects of SEO and on improving the ranking of a website. A recent LinkedIn post revealed that there was a high demand and therefore a lack of supply for SEO specialists with specific SEO experience, as opposed to a more general experience as digital marketing professionals. If you start doing SEO for a small business, you won't learn much, no one will train you, and you'll end up hiring people from agencies to do your job for you.

The people who make the most money in the SEO industry are focusing on the last two options: SEO for customers and creating websites. But SEO skills are so in demand now that an SEO specialist's career path could end up in a job in product development, communication, or other areas of digital marketing. Some people are put off by SEO's reputation, while others are literally obsessed with certain tactics they consider SEO. To learn even more about the professional SEO niche, we asked 14 experts to share their opinions on choosing an SEO job.

SEO trainers create educational content, courses, and workshops to teach individuals or companies the best SEO practices. With many changes taking place every year in the search space (just like the recent Core Web Vitals SEO update), having SEO experts will continue to be a viable option for most to ensure that a company's web marketing campaign stays in top shape. Some of them are no longer called SEO or not, but things like business blogs or conversion optimization are part of high-value SEO, if you ask me. Troy Fawkes is the founder of Delta Growth, a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO (26% PPC) in Toronto.

Tadeusz Szewczyk (Tad Chef) writes about SEO and similar topics for publications around the world and on his own weblog, SEO 2.0. SEO should be the skill you have as part of a larger skill set: if you're primarily dedicated to SEO, you're likely to work for an extremely large company. Once you've gained substantial experience in SEO best practices and analysis, you can become an SEO analyst and focus on optimizing conversions and digital marketing strategy. Nowadays, SEO is much more complex and involves a variety of different strategies, such as content marketing, technical SEO, and in-depth on-page SEO.

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