What is Programmatic Advertising and Examples of Successful Campaigns

Programmatic advertising is the real-time buying and selling of ad inventory through an automated bidding system.

Programmatic advertising

allows brands or agencies to purchase ad impressions on publishers' sites or apps through a sophisticated ecosystem. This includes advertising space for digital advertisements outside the home (DOOH), online, streaming, television, video and voice. Originally, the fixed price was the way forward through human interactions and negotiation.

This is also called an automatic guarantee and occurs when a buyer keeps a publisher's inventory of ads at a fixed price. This inventory is also reserved and is very similar to the old way of negotiating inventory, in which a direct sales team participated. Third-party companies and a particular set of platforms are required to increase control and ensure delivery. Programmatic advertising has come a long way since its inception, when it was mainly associated with graphic advertising.

It has now become an essential part of any digital marketing strategy, as it allows brands to reach their target audience in a more efficient and cost-effective way. Turner Sports used programmatic marketing to drive participation, increase awareness and improve the sports fan community. The investment paid off and generated a 7% growth in brand awareness. O2, a mobile network operator, has carried out several successful programmatic campaigns.

With its enormous amount of user data, O2 created video ads based on people's use of mobile devices, such as device type and location. More than 1000 versions of the ad were created, allowing each user to display a personalized ad. The Audi Q2 created a programmatic advertising campaign coinciding with the launch of its luxury SUV. It used data from its website to ensure that it published ads that were highly relevant to potential customers.

Missing People also used programmatic ads to simplify the way they reach people, with a 20% increase in the number of children recovered and more than three times the response of a local outdoor campaign. Google used programmatic advertising to reach potential customers at the micromoments of the day and respond to them in real time. IHG also used programmatic ads for their campaign but hasn't revealed the actual results yet, only saying that it was a great success. If you want to succeed with programmatic ads, check out these examples of successful marketing for inspiration. By taking advantage of these top-tier programmatic advertising tools, you can optimize your operations, increase revenues, and gain valuable insights about your audience.

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