How can i ensure my ads are seen by the right sizes through programmatic advertising?

As an omnichannel DSP, Adelphic offers retailers the opportunity to deliver relevant messages to consumers across all their connected devices. Sometimes it just takes a little time, something like us accompanying and guiding an advertiser and helping them with their campaigns. If you advertise an offer or sale to people in New York City, for example, you might consider limiting your campaign to that geographical location. When you visit a website, you'll see large ads with images, videos, or cartoons (HTML), usually at the top and on the sides of the page.

Many advertisers overlook the use of ads of various sizes (specifically, those with less competition), but it has a huge effect on the effectiveness of campaigns. Yes, I think so, if I understood the question correctly, and you know, don't hesitate to intervene if I'm not, but if you're starting out and you haven't published any kind of ads and this is really your focus, it's the main ads, which are like you just launched a product or you have a completely new website, etc. So that's a big step to our next slide, where Jalali was essential to carry out these tests, but this is more or less our example, these are the ads behind our graph and our numbers. By using data to determine what types of content appear on the websites that people are viewing, contextual segmentation allows relevant ads to appear alongside related articles, often on the sites of publishing publishers.

These are the most common banner ad sizes used in programmatic and display campaigns, and they can cover any budget.

Programmatic marketing

has the power to transform your business by attracting new customers, increasing brand awareness, and improving customer loyalty. So, Eric, I'm going to let you talk about the rest of these points, but a lot of these things are things that we, you get with SharpSpring Ads, and that's why we do them. One of the most important trends right now is programmatic marketing, an advertising technique that allows you to target your audience in a more efficient and effective way.

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