Is Facebook Ads Programmatic Advertising?

Yes, Facebook does programmatic advertising and it's called Facebook Ads Manager. This type of advertising is self-sufficient and buyers rely heavily on it for digital campaigns. Programmatic advertising is represented by technological platforms (demand-side platforms or DSP) designed for automated media buying. It takes into account segmentation data before making the decision whether or not to publish an ad to a specific user.

If the user's characteristics match the segmentation of the campaign, the DSP participates in a real-time bidding auction. The entire process, including the publication of announcements, takes place in a fraction of a second. Ensuring that programmatic advertising efforts on Facebook are successful can be difficult. For this reason, and to deeply personalize the user experience, advertisers and agencies value programmatic advertising over other options.

Facebook's help and business sites are designed to help you get the most out of your programmatic ads. It is important to take into account the necessary measures to reduce campaign interruptions. In this way, the advertisement (promoted website) appears at the top of the search results when the individual user enters the relevant term that the advertiser paid for. Facebook offers advertisers the ability to segment real user identifiers and attributes; not only user profile data, but also behavioral segmentation.

With such impressive data, it's no surprise that Facebook ads are so popular with advertisers and business owners. Google's paid search will work best when your audience is already looking to buy a specific product or service, since it's under consideration and ready to buy. The most important aspect of a successful advertisement is to include a call to action that makes audiences interact with your brand through your website and even encourages them to buy your product. Facebook is a popular place for companies to advertise because social networks are huge and Facebook seems to be the number one social media advertising platform.

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