What is the Difference Between Traditional SEO and Local SEO?

Traditional SEO, also known as national or organic SEO, is a method of increasing the quality and quantity of organic traffic to a website. Organic results are the unpaid content that appears on the search engine results page (SERP), while quality traffic indicates that visitors are looking for what you offer them. SEO is essentially the art of increasing organic traffic by making the website search engine friendly. A subset of traditional SEO, local SEO, focuses on optimization techniques that are tailored to local searches.

This strategy is usually adopted by local companies with physical stores to reach nearby customers. While local and organic SEO practices can improve your ranking, they can also negatively affect your ranking when done incorrectly. Technically speaking, if you focus primarily on traditional SEO for your local business, you can still rank first in search engines. Local SEO strategies are used to help your company rank close to the top search results and bring traffic to your site quickly.

By now, you should understand that both traditional and local SEO are focused on improving your ranking in online search results so that more people can find and buy from your business. This is a problem when you're trying to offer local SEO services to a business owner who used traditional techniques for their online profile. Even if your business operates only online and you don't have a physical store to attract customers, your need for local SEO may be just to manage your company's reputation. And if you focus primarily on local SEO for your non-local business, you can still make it to the top of the SERP.

The volume and frequency of high-quality appointments directly influence your local ranking in GBP on local packages and on Google Maps. In local SEO, backlinks are similar to citations, since they are essential components of the SEO optimization strategy. On the other hand, local SEO allows you to attract people who are actively looking for a product or service from a nearby company. When someone wants a local business, Google shows a 3-pack (sometimes referred to as a map package or snack pack) with local search results as the first image shown above.

There are multiple SEO strategies that will help bring your business to the top of local search results. So, if your competitors have keywords in their name, you'll probably need to put in a bit more effort into local SEO.

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