The Benefits of Programmatic Advertising for Marketers

Programmatic advertising is a powerful tool for marketers, providing a level of transparency and visibility that allows them to maximize the success of their campaigns. According to eMarketer, this growth has been driven by the rapid recovery of the area after the COVID-19 pandemic and the evolution of artificial intelligence and the way in which marketing is changing. In the travel industry, third-party websites can charge fees of between 15 and 24%, so direct spending can make a big difference for hotels. Through programmatic advertising, performance marketers can influence their target audience with attractive advertising creativity.

Optimizing creativity for programmatic advertising helps both brands and retailers to succeed with their campaigns by avoiding ad blindness and taking full advantage of the vital advertising placements available by implementing a carefully designed programmatic media strategy. With programmatic advertising, marketers have more time to optimize and improve ads to drive campaign success. One example of this is IHG's programmatic ads, which were aimed at consumers who were thinking of making a reservation with an ad that included the “book with direct price” option. This type of real-time management through a data-based decision-making process is what characterizes programmatic advertising as a useful solution for marketers.

With its programmatic announcements, IHG showed users how much it would cost to book directly with its hotels, such as Crowne Plaza or Holiday Inn. Other types of ads within the programmatic category are video ads embedded in the banner, video ads, native ads, and rich multimedia ads. As digital marketing continues to increase and maintains its position as the main way in which marketers communicate their ads to potential customers, the need for programmatic advertising will only increase as tools to improve the process of buying and selling digital advertisements become more in demand. In the 10 campaigns studied, Nielsen found that when brands consolidated their campaigns with Programmatic Guarantee, they experienced an 11% increase in outreach efficiency.

From this programmatic advertising example, your company can get several ideas for its programmatic ads. With millions of websites and the advertising space they sell, programmatic advertising offers the opportunity to reach an incredibly wide and diverse audience, depending on the needs of the buyer. IHG hasn't disclosed the results of its programmatic ads, but has said that the campaign was a great success. As marketers continue to approach their campaigns in a more data-driven way than ever before, it is clear that programmatic advertising is here to stay and organizations of all sizes are seeking its benefits.

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