What types of reporting options are available for programmatic campaigns?

Gourmet Ads offers brand advertisers and their advertising agencies a range of programmatic advertising solutions, as well as managed services. IHG hotels wanted to dispel this misconception through programmatic ads aimed at people looking for hotels with a specific price range. Some publishers may also sell premium inventory programmatically, which can be more expensive than other forms of advertising. Publishers use a supply-side platform to manage their viewing space in a similar way as advertisers use demand-side platforms to manage their programmatic ad purchases.

It offers a wider range of inventory, segmentation and strategy options so that advertisers can reach their ideal audiences more accurately, quickly and affordably. Programmatic advertising uses automation to help both buyers and sellers reduce overall expenses, allocate budgets to the most impactful locations, and generate more revenue so that publishers can sell inventory quickly. A live dashboard, such as the StackAdapt reporting dashboard, collects data from your clients' programmatic campaigns in real time for easy analysis and reporting. Start your programmatic ads report with a summary of the most important metrics to get an overview of the overall campaign.

Programmatic technology allows us, as advertisers, to send specific messages (on different platforms, to the right person, the right number of times and on the device that makes the most sense) at any stage of the process. Programmatic technology allows advertisers to harness everything they know about their customers and potential customers and offer a unique experience at every stage of the consumer journey. With the information you gain, you'll be better prepared to incorporate programmatic marketing into your digital marketing toolset. Therefore, you must decide from the beginning what type of programmatic advertising you need for your digital marketing.

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