Is Programmatic Advertising Still Relevant?

The digital advertising industry has had to adapt to global consumer demand for stricter privacy controls, and as a result, traditional programmatic advertising has had to evolve. Evaluating your programmatic buying and advertising strategy involves reviewing your company's overall data strategy. Programmatic advertising is the fully automated, data-based method for buying and selling advertising space on publishers' websites. Advertisers can present relevant ads in real time, aimed at their ideal consumer based on demographics, context, time of day, location and the content they consume. Private Marketplaces (PMPs) offer more transparency and control than other methods, giving advertisers the confidence that they display ads along with brand-safe content.

Brands that rely on programmatic advertising and don't have robust first-hand data sets to segment effectively are the most affected by these changes. Claravine can help establish relationships and patterns between existing first-party data, creating data integrity and context that are fundamental to the new programmatic world of experimentation. Over-the-top (OTT) advertising bypasses television providers and offers advertisements through video streaming services and connected televisions (CTV). Some brands will introduce programmatic advertising in their own facilities, where they will have greater control over costs, data and intellectual property. Electronic billboards on buses and buildings, inside airport terminals and in stadiums away from home (OOH) are a form of programmatic advertising that's hard to ignore.

Advertising on billboards and signs is nothing new, but with dynamic digital visualization and segmentation capabilities, they become an attractive and effective way of advertising. With a renewed focus on the creative aspect of advertising, we will see more brands invest in telling multi-channel stories that encourage participation, rather than in product-focused graphic ads that follow consumers all over the web. However, they have been less inclined to experiment with advertising campaigns, even though optimizing advertising investment is always a top priority.

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