10 Steps to Create a Winning Local SEO Plan

GMB or Google My Business is the most important part of your local SEO strategy. To get the most out of it, you should follow these 10 steps to set up a successful local SEO plan. In step 1, you identified some terms that summarize what your company offers. In step 2, you researched your competitors to see what keywords they were targeting.

Best practices for creating landing pages include optimizing H1, H2 and H3 headers, writing body content optimized for keywords, including internal links, adding images, and optimizing search on mobile devices. Local search engine optimization is a branch of SEO that focuses on optimizing a website to appear in local search results. It is the practice of improving your online presence to get more business from local searches. These searches are performed on many search engines, but local SEO focuses on optimizing for Google users. By implementing these 10 elements, you'll ensure that your business not only takes advantage of local searches but also has a solid foundation when new SEO features are introduced.

If you don't have the bandwidth to make these adjustments, you can try a local SEO audit or search for an SEO service provider for small businesses. Learn how to develop your local presence by outreach to other businesses, schools and local events in this Moz Academy video. Including your company's name, address, and phone number in these directories will not only help improve visibility but also boost your local SEO. When done correctly, local SEO allows people to find information about your business quickly and easily, bringing them one step closer to a transaction. Your local SEO capability isn't as powerful if you bundle everything together on a single page, as search engines tend not to view your brand as an authority in a specific area. However, while writing about general topics will attract a large audience, it's sometimes more important to focus and write about local or industry news to attract a local audience. Miriam Ellis can help you identify which key points in your local SEO plan you've taken care of and which ones still need some attention.

Like local blogs, local directories are strongly associated with a geographical area and are well indexed by search engines. This Moz Academy video will help you learn how to get ahead of the competition in local SEO and Google Maps. Competing against giant brands in the field of local SEO can be intimidating, but Dana can help you turn your epic battle into an epic victory. The Search Engine Journal e-book, A Guide to Local SEO, discusses what you need to know about optimizing for local search. According to the Moz local SEO report, Google My Business signals such as proximity and keywords are the main ranking factors.

She'll show you how to give personality to your local search efforts so that local searchers want to know who you are. Whitespark offers local ad management, recommends where to publish your company, examines your competition and robustly creates and monitors citation growth for better rankings in local searches.

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