What are the benefits of programmatic advertising?

Benefits of programmatic advertising: save time, target the right users to increase ad effectiveness, reduce advertising costs, enjoy greater reach for publishers, and gain full transparency into the ROI of your campaigns.

Programmatic advertising

provides a level of transparency to marketers that allows them to have full visibility of their campaigns. Grace Johnson, media purchaser of S3 Advertising, reviews the ten main benefits of programmatic advertising and explains why you should include it in your range of advertising media. In short, digital ads are the main channel through which marketers disseminate their advertising messages to consumers, and that's why programmatic advertising represents such an important tool that they can use to communicate and sell effectively.

Programmatic advertising for small businesses works very well because it delivers outstanding results with the least expenditure of money. In a nutshell, programmatic advertising is the automatic purchase of online advertising space in real time, using data to reach the right person at the right time. It uses guaranteed programmatic advertising to sell its inventories, where advertisers can show featured content and content that can't be skipped. If these parameters are configured on the programmatic buying platform, the budget can be automatically increased when the desired weather conditions occur, or the message can change to become more relevant.

An example of programmatic advertising is the way in which YouTube shows ads before and during the course of a video. Using programmatic advertising, you can see in real time the exact places your ads reach, the type of customer that sees your ad, and any additional costs associated with advertising space. Choozle offers a digital advertising software platform that uses detailed consumer data to promote programmatic advertising campaigns on screens, video, mobile devices, audio, connected television, digital technology outside the home and other media, all from a single, intuitive interface. If you've heard of programmatic advertising, you've probably heard the term “segmentation” at the same time.

This type of real-time management, using a data-based decision-making process, is what makes programmatic advertising a useful solution for marketers. The numbers speak for themselves, but let's start at the beginning by explaining what programmatic advertising is before describing the key benefits. As marketers continue to approach their campaigns in a more data-driven way than ever before, the use of programmatic advertising has been increasing and organizations of all sizes are looking to reap its benefits. If you're curious to learn about the benefits of programmatic and why you should use programmatic advertising in your media mix, keep reading.

Whatever way you use programmatic advertising, it's likely to have tangible and real benefits in the overall performance of your campaign, as long as you use it the right way.

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