Unlock the Power of Programmatic Creativity

Programmatic creativity is the automation of the processes of creating, publishing and optimizing graphic advertising. It's a generic term that encompasses a variety of different dynamic strategies and technologies, all of which are designed to add speed, scale, relevance and performance to display campaigns.

Programmatic advertising

allows marketers to automate the process of buying media to reach people at the right time and place on their journey. However, without creative content that resonates with consumers, ads can go unnoticed.

To help you select programmatic ads that perform better, we've compiled a list of best practices. The goal of programmatic creativity is to support the overall objective of the advertising campaign. The ultimate aim is to focus on what works and to get the right message to the right person at the right time. Creative Management Platforms (CMPs) are attractive to creative, production and advertising operations teams looking for agile ways to execute programmatic creative campaigns. An Adlucent programmatic customer in the health technology sector has achieved success by creatively focusing on its impressive cost savings.

CMPs enable programmatic creativity for designers, producers, and members of the advertising operations team who are looking for software that feels like an extension of their existing tools. Programmatic creativity allows for an enormous variety of creative options, dynamic real-time announcements, and exciting opportunities, but results and ROI are still what matters most. Once the campaign is underway, creative optimization is carried out within the ad itself, which is capable of managing multivariate tests limited only by the number of impressions needed for the experiments to be valid. Data and how it is used in programmatic advertising to create creative assets will be what matters in the coming years. By streamlining the process of producing ad variations, programmatic creativity provides a method for creating such a volume of ads without the large amount of work that would normally be required.

These technologies are specifically designed to help data and creativity work together, thus raising the level of what is possible in paid multimedia storytelling. While there is significant overlap in the use of CMPs and Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), all of this is programmatic creativity; after all, each approach - creative, dynamic and creative with massive versions - provides unique strengths. Optimizing creativity for programmatic advertising helps both brands and retailers achieve success with their campaigns by avoiding ad blindness and making the most of vital advertising placements available by implementing a carefully designed programmatic media strategy. Brands tend to receive smaller advertising budgets and are asked to amplify results with programmatic creativity, which means there are still strict limits on what is possible. In the era of programmatic media buying, there are no limits as to what can be done with creativity. An innovative thinker, she is a performance-driven creative with more than 12 years of experience in marketing and about five years of experience leading creative content and design at Adlucent.

Dynamic programmatic creativity emerged in response to new technologies and uses data, automation and machine learning to create more effective advertisements.

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